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Donor : Britain’s youngest lung saves two lives

The parents of Britain’s youngest lung donor said on Wednesday they were proud that the organs of their child, who died 41 days after his birth, saved two lives. Theodore Omondi, nicknamed “Theo”, died after falling ill with a sudden illness. His lungs, Imogen Bolton (five months), and his kidneys saved a young man.


The parents of the donor child, who did not want to reveal their identities, said that “the donation was a great opportunity to save the lives of two people who are struggling bravely to survive.”

“We are confident that Theo would have made the same decision to help others if he had the opportunity to live longer,” they added. And about their pride in saving the lives of others, the parents said that “every breath that the child “Imogen” breathes is a breath of our son Theo.” “We are looking forward to the day when we see Imogen and Theo blow out their birthday candles together,” they continued.

Theo became the youngest Briton to donate a lung after undergoing a seven-hour operation at Ormond Street Hospital in London earlier this year.

In the same context, Sally Johnson, director of blood and transplantation at the British Public Health Authority, said: “It is rare for infants to be among the organ donors.