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British girl saves eight people by donating her organs

A 13-year-old girl who died of a brain aneurysm has helped eight people, including five children, by donating her organs.

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Before her death in 2012, Jemima Laisel, from Somerset in Britain, had donated her heart, pancreas, lungs, kidneys, small intestine and liver. Jemima’s parents said she was smart, compassionate and creative as well, and she would “be proud of her legacy.”

The Blood and Organ Transplant Unit at the National Health Service in Britain said that no person has ever been able to donate his organs to help this number of patients.

Jemima fell ill during preparations for her mother’s 38th birthday party, and she died four days later in hospital. Her heart, small intestine and pancreas were transplanted into three people, while her kidneys were transplanted into two others. He divided her liver and transplanted the two parts into two people, while her lungs were transplanted into one patient.

A single donation usually helps with two to six transplants, but eight is unusual.

Jemima’s mother, Sophie Laisel, 43, who works as a drama teacher, and her father, Harvey Laisel, 49, who is a general manager at a construction company, said they knew Jemima wanted to donate her organs because they spoke about the matter two weeks before her death.

Sophie said, “Jemima had never heard of organ donation, and she found it somewhat annoying, but in general she understood its importance.

We watched a program about children waiting for heart transplants, and the hospital assured us that our refusal would deprive eight people of a chance to live again, especially Jemima’s heart, which made Harvey feel uncomfortable about it at the time,” she added, “They are still considered a decision.

Donating their daughter’s organs is difficult, but they felt it was the right decision.”

And the Blood and Organ Transplant Unit at the National Health Authority in Britain said that hundreds of patients are still dying unnecessarily while waiting for organ transplants because many families refuse to donate organs.

Last year, 457 people died while waiting for organ transplants, including 14 children.

Now, there are 6,414 people on the waiting list for organ transplants, including 176 children.

Source: BBC