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Donating Blood: How to prepare yourself

The process of donating blood is an ethical process of the first degree, but there are some controls and laws that have been put in place to preserve the safety of the donor and the recipient. Learn more about them.

A drop of blood equals a life, a phrase we have always heard in blood donation campaigns , but few understand it and realize how important it is.Indeed, and the least of them who took a serious step and donated to save the lives of others, if you are new to the donation currency and do not know the necessary steps or how to prepare yourself to avoid any harm that may occur to you, continue with us in the following article.

How to prepare yourself for the process of Donating Blood?

When is it legal to donate blood?

Although blood donation is an ethical matter, and is entirely due to personal freedom , there are some conditions set by doctors and stipulated that they be met by the donor in order to preserve his safety first, then the safety of the recipient or patient secondly, let us review them together:

• In the beginning, you must realize that every country It has its own requirements in the process of donating blood, so you must familiarize yourself with the conditions that your country sets in addition to the following requirements.

• You must be healthy and completely free from any disease, no matter how simple it seems, even if it is just a simple cold , or even a fluctuating stomach, as the possibility of any virus in the blood may harm the recipient more than you imagine and it will affect your health negatively.

• You need to exceed the legal age to donate blood, which is 18 years, but the age of 16 or 17 years requires parental permission in most countries.

• wait a sufficient period between each donation period, which ranges between 3 to 4 months for a healthy person who is in good health.

• The donor must not undergo dental treatment within a month from the day of donation, and the doctor must be informed of all the medications and surgeries he took or underwent during the past six months, as some medications prevent blood donation.

Set a donation Blood date

Some countries require a prior appointment with the donation center so that they can prepare the appropriate tools and environment for the donation for your safety, and to allow you enough time to prepare yourself as well, and follow the steps that we will mention below.

Eat iron-rich foods

The production of blood cells depends mainly on iron, so you must eat sufficient quantities so that the body can compensate for the blood that will be lost during the donation process, the most important of these foods are spinach, whole grains, fish, poultry, meat and eggs.

• You should also take adequate amounts of vitamin C to help absorb iron naturally in the body.

Drink enough water

You must drink sufficient quantities of water and juices on the day of donation and the day after it, to maintain blood sugar and blood pressure in the body, thus avoiding dizziness or fainting. Try to drink 4 large glasses of water about 3 hours before the donation date, especially in hot weather, if If you donate plasma or platelets, drink 8 glasses of fluids.

Sleep well

You must get enough sleep before the night of donation so that the body gets what it needs rest, so you do not get tired or exhausted during blood donation, you must sleep at least 6 to 8 hours the night before.

Eat your food 3 hours before the Donation Blood date

You should not donate blood completely in the case of fasting or not eating for any reason, as not eating leads to a decrease in blood sugar, and thus leads to a feeling of fatigue and possibly fainting, and blood donation leads to a decrease in pressure and sugar level as well, thus donating without eating food It may affect your health and lead to ominous health complications.

• Avoid fatty foods completely before the donation date. It is preferable to limit them to breakfast cereals or any healthy and light food.

• Do not eat immediately before the donation date, so as not to feel sick.

• Do not eat any fatty foods for 24 hours before the donation, so as not to raise the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Avoid the following

There are some actions that you must refrain from completely several hours before the date of the donation, otherwise your appointment may be canceled and your opportunity will be lost because of it, the most important of which are the following:

• Refrain from smoking for a sufficient period before donating.

• Alcoholic beverages should also be avoided for at least 24 hours.

• Avoid chewing gum, mint or any sugary candy, because it raises the temperature of your mouth, and therefore it may appear that you are suffering from a high temperature, which affects the donation process.

Prepare the necessary papers
Every donation center and every country requires some special times, but in all cases you must bring your own identification card.