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easy charity work


charity work are some material and non-material assistance provided by a person with the aim of solving the problems of many people, and giving them some of the requirements that they need and they cannot secure for themselves. Moral charitable works, as some need help in acquiring some skills without paying money, and in this article we will mention some easy and simple charitable works that benefit people with pay and reward.

charity work

easy charity work

Visiting the orphanage is one of the easy charitable works, by taking some gifts and toys to the orphaned children, to bring joy to their hearts, and to buy some of their necessary supplies such as clothes and stationery, and to sit with them and get close to them, and you can exchange conversations with them and know what is going on inside them, as parents do with their children Providing advice and advice to them, and it is preferable to visit them once a week or every two weeks to build a close relationship with them;


Some easy charity work

Here is a list of the best easy charity work:

  • Donating some tools that are required for mosques, such as: tissues, prayer clothes and chairs for the elderly.
  • Donating to poor and needy families by meeting their needs for some of their daily, monthly, and seasonal necessities.
  • Donate old and usable clothes, or raise money and buy new clothes, especially for children.
  • Volunteering in the homes of the elderly, and visiting patients in hospitals and homes.
  • Put water, and excess food in a plate for cats and birds.
  • Removing harm from the road, such as: removing stones that damage cars.
  • Donate blood to patients who need it.
  • Clean mosques and perfume them with perfume.
  • Harnessing time, abilities and capabilities in the service of religion, such as conducting workshops for memorizing the Qur’an for children in the mosque or at home.
  • Helping people fulfill their needs.
  • Reconciliation between people and composition between their hearts.
  • Donate medicine to a poor patient, or pay for it if you are able to do so.
  • Assistance in washing and shrouding the dead.
  • Donate money to cleaners, mosque and sanctuary workers.
  • The work of simple associations between relatives and acquaintances to collect donations.
  • Putting a piggy bank to collect daily donations from household members.
  • Build canopies in school playgrounds , car parks, and many other areas.
  • Helping poor university students in paying the premiums, securing books and stationery for them, and financial expenses.
  • Helping the elderly and the elderly by serving them and providing them with assistance.
  • Assisting a blind person in performing an operation and restoring his sight.
  • Putting money in bakeries and shops for poor people.
  • Donate old, usable furniture to families in need.
  • Delivering an elderly person to his desired place by personal car.
  • Donate a container for the road to maintain hygiene.
  • Donating clothing for a newborn to a poor family, or preparing someone who wants to marry.
  • Aids students in studying, especially those who suffer from poor comprehension and concentration.
  • Donate heaters to families in need in the winter , blankets and rugs.