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Charitable Organization: most important areas

Some people think about working and establishing a charitable organization that helps people in different matters. This charitable organization may have multiple tasks and the assistance it provides, or it may specialize in one type of assistance. Undoubtedly, the charitable organization needs a good study in order to be properly established and to ensure its success and fulfillment of the role. entrusted with it.

Many may find it difficult to establish a charitable institution to help the poor, the needy, the elderly and people with special needs, or whatever the goal behind its establishment, but what we affirm is that the process of establishing the institution is not difficult at all, but ratherQuite the opposite, all paperwork and licenses are done easily; This is due to the fact that government interests seek to have a role in the work of charitable institutions, thus facilitating the citizens in terms of procedures, but provided that the citizen who wishes to open a charitable organization fulfills all conditions, and today we will provide you with information on how to establish a charitable organization In addition, we will give you the meaning of a charity in detail along with the terms of operation of the charity.

Charitable Organization

The term charitable organization is defined as: an initiative by a person or a group of people to provide assistance to many groups in society that really need help and do not find it from many, so people gather or someone does the work of the institution and then provides relief to a large group of the needy and weak in society. They declare themselves and receive donations from those who are able to help them provide for a large number of needy people and provide their necessary needs that they need. There are a wide range of models of the types of charitable institutions that can be started and that will serve a large group of society, and the most important of these models are:

  • Charitable institution to take care of the elderly: There is a large group in societies of the elderly and the elderly who do not find care from anyone, even their children, and they need special care, so here the solution is to establish a charitable institution to take care of them.
  • Foundation for Orphans: Orphans are also a large segment of society, and they may not find a place to live, and therefore in order not to be street children or criminals, a home should be established for them, and this home is called an orphan association.
  • institution for people with special needs: People with special needs are no less than the elderly and the elderly.
  • They need care, education, and even rehabilitation. Here, the solution is to provide a charitable organization that supports them in the rehabilitation process.
  • Charity for animals: There are many weak animals that are exposed to all ways and types of harm from humans , so they should have their own shelter away from the dangers they may be exposed to, compassion for the animal is obligatory.
  • A charitable foundation for the poor: This institution is established with the aim of collecting donations to help the poor and needy, both young and old, who are no longer able to provide the most important needs of food and drink.

Objectives of the charity

And when you create a charitable organization, you should specify its own goals, as we mentioned that there are many types of charities, so you should choose one of them or choose to work together in one charitable organization, but in the end you should specify the goals of this association and what you want to do through it The collection of goals for any project – even if it is a charitable project – should have goals; This is so that you seek to achieve it through your vision and through your thinking and hope for the future. The most important objectives of establishing a charitable organization are as follows:

  1. The aim of the charity should be to provide immediate aid and assistance to those in need.
  2. The goal of the charity should be to eliminate beggary from adults and children.
  3. the charity should be to house the elderly, the elderly and the homeless.
  4. The charity should aim to eradicate a large proportion of poverty.
  5. It should also aim to solve most of society’s problems, such as helping the uneducated learn.
  6. The charity should be interested in trying to reach out to the business people to give them opportunities for donations.

How to create a charity?

We come here to the most important point about which a lot is asked, which is the procedures followed until the process of establishing a charitable foundation is completed. Incorporation, in order to make it easier for yourself first and rush the time to obtain licenses and actually start practicing activities and present the goals for which you established the charitable association. The most important steps for establishing a charitable association are as follows:

Define the organization’s vision

Your vision in establishing the charitable organization should be a future vision through which you seek to serve a large number of the weak in society, in a voluntary manner that is not based on obtaining profits, as profits here have nothing to do with the institution, otherwise its goals and the value for which the institution was established will be disrupted.

Define the organization’s mission

You should develop a systematic plan stating the different activities that the charity will do, and you should identify the group around you that you will try to serve. Try to write the message of the organization and explain its features within three clear lines.

Choose the name of the institution

You should choose a title for the charitable organization that you seek to do, and try to choose the name of the organization so that it matches its goals and fits with its mission, and sometimes people will name the organization after them.

Contract for establishing and preparing a charitable foundation

Here we come to the cornerstone, you should make a contract for the establishment of the institution, which can be obtained through the website of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, and thus fill in the required data.

Formation of a board of directors

Every charitable organization should have a board of directors, so establish the board so that it can work according to a specific mechanism, and take the most important assembly decisions that determine the fate of the association, its goals, its mission and everything related to it.

Conditions for obtaining a charitable organization license

In all projects, the procedures should go according to the laws determined by the state. If we consider that the establishment of a charitable institution is a project, but it is a non-profit project, here it is necessary to obtain a license as well, and in order to obtain a license, you should go to the competent employer in your country, and most likely The Ministry of Social Solidarity, or a similar name to this ministry in your country, is responsible for issuing licenses, and you must prepare the following papers and documents in order to obtain the license:

    1. A copy of the association’s articles of association should be provided, signed by all founders.
    2. Two copies of the names of the founders of the charitable organization should be provided, and their number should not be less than ten.
    3. An acknowledgment from the founding members that they are not involved in any criminal acts should be provided.
    4. The association’s headquarters contracts should be provided, whether ownership, lease or usufruct contract.
    5. A receipt must be provided for the deposit of an amount related to the NGO subsidy.
  • The day on which the registration request was submitted to the employee must be proven.

Thus, we have provided you with information about the establishment of a charitable organization, in addition to providing you with the necessary papers and conditions for issuing a charitable organization license, and we have also provided you with a definition of the meaning of a charitable organization. In conclusion, we hope that your work is purely for the sake of God, and that God accepts it from you, as charitable institutions are one. Among the actions that a person does with the aim of getting closer to God Almighty, helping others and providing a helping hand to him, this should be your starting point when you start seeking to establish a charitable institution.